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Radison Blu Plaza

Address:Mahipalpur Bypass, Block R, Mahipalpur Village.Delhi Airport,Delhi 110037

The Shark

Address:A-22, SECTOR-68, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201 301.

Regius Club Delhi

Address:Block A Marg, Greater Kailash, Delhi- 110048



Diwali Special Poker Night at South Delhi

Deepavali Poker Night at South Ex, New Delhi, by playpokerguru


GPL is now in India

Global Poker League has been announced for their Indian edition, details coming...



Goldsmith challenge from Poker Ninja - 9th Oct, 9th Nov, 2017


PokerMet is going to PECFEST

From 27th to 29th October, PokerMet will be at the Pecfest'17 in...

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Poker Hands

Poker Hands in descending order of hand rankings can be explained as follows:

1. Royal flush: although highly rare if you get A, K, Q, J, 10, of the same suit, then congratulations you have the best poker hand at any table.
2. Straight flush: a five card sequence of all of the same suite is called as a straight flush.
3. Four of a kind: if you get all four cards of a same rank then this forms four of a kind
4. Full house: this hand has three of a kind with all cards of the same rank
5. Flush: this could be any five cards of the same suite however, may not be in any particular order
6. Straight: these are five cards in a sequence but may not belong to the same suite
7. Three of a kind: this a hand with three cards of the same rank
8. Two pair: simply two different pairs may win you a round in poker
9. Pair: just two cards of the same rank makes a pair in poker hands
10. High card: if you have not made any of the poker hands, then the highest card at hand plays.

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